Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

A Vegan Lifestyle Coach works closely with YOU to help  set goals and make a plan for you to Go Vegan! What ever your reason for going Vegan, if it's for the animals, for your health or for the planet, we can assist you in attaining your own Vegan Lifestyle. We can help you clean up your eating habits, clear out your animal products in your home and your wardrobe, talk about social situations and get you on the the path to truly live compassionately and consciously.

Our Get Real lifestyle form will help us get right down to your specific individual needs and or obstacles so that your lifestyle coaching time is well spent and beneficial to you.  We think it's awesome that you have the drive to bring the awareness and mindfulness to create a life of compassion for a  better life for yourself,  the animals and for the planet.

A VLC cannot diagnose, treat, or otherwise attend to medical issues, illnesses, or conditions. We cannot act in lieu of a doctor, naturopath, dietitian, nutritionist, or other health care specialist. We cannot prescribe medication. 

There is much more that we can do for you than we cannot. 


Veganism is simply compassion & love at the core

One who understands pure compassion & love could only be a vegan

There could be no other choice, it is the natural action

Vegan Lifestyle Coaches

What we can do for you


Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching provides the opportunity to take a look at your habits and figure out what is blocking you from embracing Veganism. We can show you how to change your patterns of Carnism that harm you, the planet & the animals.


VEG Talks

Our VEG Talks are designed to bring you the facts about Veganism and dispel the myths.  Gain inspiration, balance and knowledge through transformative speaking. We will cover the 3 Foundations for Veganism and can customize our presentation to suite your needs. (more…)


Continuity of Life

Continuity of Life is the understanding that all beings on this planet share the same sense of awareness of self and that this consciousness and it’s experience extends beyond the transition called death. We are all beings of conscious energy. (more…)

Compassionate living starts from within and expands outward to all living things

Veganism is a lifestyle that encompasses compassion, mindfulness, and the ability to think on a larger and broader perspective about animals and all living creatures, health, and our planet. Being Vegan is a way of life for the betterment, care and well being of others, self and earth. Whatever your reason to become or sustain being Vegan the benefits of all three major aspects will naturally occur.

From an ethical aspect we know that  animals are not ours to do with as we wish. Animals are sentient beings with feelings and complex emotions. To say you love animals but continue to support their abuse, torture and death is neither loving, nor compassionate. Consuming animals and using their byproducts is purely unnecessary thus making it completely selfish and wrong. 

Consuming the flesh, organs and products of animals is not only unhealthy but potentially dangerous. There is no lack of scientific and medical research that shows anything to the contrary. All of our major causes of death in the united States with the exception of accidental or violent death can be improved, reversed or prevented by choosing a vegan way of nutrition for the body. 

The Environmental impact of Animal Agriculture is the largest component in Climate Change. Animal Agriculture is responsible for more than 50% of greenhouse gasses, far more than all automobile emissions world wide. Animal agriculture IS the leading cause of planetary destruction.